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5 Marilyns

(quintet) (1990-2002)

5 Marilyns (quintet) (1990-2002) This was the first performance work Germond made after deciding to switch from a career in fine arts and photography to the pursuit of a creative life in dance. 5 Marilyns was created while Germond participated in a choreography class with Anna Sokolow while on scholarship at renowned dance educator Mary Anthony's studio in New York City, and dancing with choreographer Pedro Alejandro.

Originally inspired by an exhibit of Andy Warhol's portraits of Marilyn in which she is portrayed in a manner of cool and removed abstraction that thinly veils her smoldering presence, this dance is an exploration of Monroe's distinctive, highly sexual and idiosyncratic way of moving.

In preparations to make the dance, the enigma of Marilyn Monroe was studied by Germond as it is presented in the irony of her on-stage and off-stage lives as chronicled in films, biographies, and notoriety.

Playing with the outright fun and sexual image that she portrayed and the depth of sincerity and feeling of a woman who is considered by many to have been before her time. Also addressing aspects of the tragedy of this starlets' life, 5 Marilyns invites you to find and nurture a little Marilyn within yourself.

Music/Sound: Marilyn Monroe, 20th Century Fox Fanfare, Yma Sumac
Running length: 15 minutes