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(duet) (1999)

"Rejoinder focuses on the varying levels of commitment within a partnership, and the emotional reactions those fluctuations elicit. As the piece begins, the performers dance together, their physical movements infused with a playful innocence and childlike grace. There is a hint of sexual tension between the pair, but the principal impression is one of a pure and loving relationship. Then, the music dissolves into dissonance, the dancers begin to dance alone, and their individual gestures evoke the pain of their separation. In a moment of reconciliation, the two partners balance one another in turn, a vivid metaphor for their mutual support of one another. To the melody of a delicate Bellini aria, the two partners begin to come together again, and their dance reveals stability and togetherness as the crux of their relationship."

-Kathleen Duffy, Chicago, IL

"Germond's Rejoinder sings a sweet tune of separation, sex and innocent love as she and Kristina Fluty caressingly plunge and aggressively soar throughout the space in crisp, clean movements that abound with energy and grace. A cameo performance by Andrew Janetti as a "sawman" contributes literal meaning to the dance; he saws a block of wood to represent a severed relationship. It is a refreshing display of emotional transparency."

- Jessica Weiss, The Brooklyn Rail

Music: sound collage by Lehcar Dnomreg, John Zorn, & an aria from Bellini's opera Norma
Running Length: 10 minutes